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PulseCloud: A Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

Pulse Practice Management Software (PulseCloud) takes administrative tasks off your hands and gives you the freedom to focus on more pressing practice matters. The practice management system applies automated workflow logic to join financial, clinical and administrative processes into one package. PulseCloud is easy to use and implement, offering advanced scheduling, patient registration, medical billing, coding and claims processing.

Our cloud-based practice management software is fully capable of handling your private practice’s ever-changing administrative and healthcare landscape. You’ll be able to carry out day-to-day tasks in the most intuitive framework possible, aided by features like the Unfinished Items list and Needs Action menu.

Accessibility & Security

No need to worry about security; our cloud-based practice management software can deliver greater security than client-server systems and paper records. We implement the proper protection protocols to ensure your information stays private. This includes HIPAA compliance through data centers that boast bank-level security. High-level encryption deters hackers and renders data unreadable—even when a security breach occurs. You don’t have to worry about paper records being destroyed by a building fire or flood, because you can access your practice management software anytime, anywhere.

Standout Features

PulseCloud has several standout features that set us apart from other healthcare software solutions companies.

Workflow Lists

PulseCloud workflow lists let you take a task, like completing your A/R within 90 days, and lay out each step for easy completion.

Automation software gives your employees an escape from mundane, repetitive tasks that can be better handled by technology. Give your employees the opportunity to take on tasks that better utilize their skill set.

With practice management software, employees are also able to better understand which tasks are assigned to who, what’s required and when the task needs to be completed. Your managers can allocate their time to big-picture issues rather than micro-managing employees. PulseCloud’s workflow lists make it easier to see which employees are under-performing come review time. Most importantly, workflow lists improve practice communication. Cut out the ‘he said, she said’ and complicated filing with a practice management system that keeps everyone on the same page.

Patient Reminder System

With an automated and fully-integrated patient reminder system (Pulse Engage), you’ll be able to save time and increase revenue.

No more calling patients to confirm appointments — you can use that time to instead build relationships with your patients and provide the best medical service possible. Studies from Josh Hopkins University of Rochester correlate patient reminder system integration with a 30% decrease in patient no-shows. When patients show up for their appointments, you get paid! You can make your patients feel special with customized messages based on appointment type and eliminate expensive paper-based mailing campaigns. The environment—and your wallet—will thank you. Another key perk is that you expand your clinic hours by scheduling automated messages after-hours and on weekends. Let your practice management system work when you don’t.

Though a practice management system may be an investment, the cost of an SMS reminder is minimal when compared to the loss of revenue resulting from missed appointments. Our practice management system gives you a heads up when a patient has to cancel, so you can quickly fill their slot.

As part of our cloud-based practice management software, we also offer an automated patient statement generator.

Healthcare Financial Management Reporting

With proprietary analytics and reporting features, you’re able to make more informed business decisions. Your reliable performance metrics can minimize error and consolidate practice management stats into one system.

A flash report is periodic snapshot of key financial and operational data that can normally fit on one page. This gives your practice the chance to analyze key performance indicators on a weekly basis. These reports can be customized to your various stakeholders’ requirements, and you can use them to see which patients frequently fail to show up for their appointments. You can also track which patients don’t pay their bills on time and take action from there. Your staff will be able to easily create a report that covers the number of weekly claims and denials, ensuring your entire staff is kept in the loop.

This data mining tool pulls charges, insurance adjustments, contractual adjustments, days in A/R, top CPT codes, most common ICD-10 codes and month-over-month healthcare financial management reporting.  This, along with weekly performance reports and month-close financial reports, helps you stay on top of your practice status.  Other perks to the PulseCloud reporting feature are export capabilities to Excel and the ability to save reports. The reports make it easy for you to fill in appointments, reduce late cancellations, analyze accounts receivable and evaluate productivity.

Insurance Eligibility & Claims Processing

With PulseCloud, your insurance eligibility can be run on an individual basis OR in batch mode.

This checks eligibility for all patients scheduled in a day and runs in real-time. Our system also allows you to submit claims electronically to multiple insurance providers and manage claims that are denied. Instead of dealing with back-and-forth claims denials, our practice management software catches claims processing errors and displays the problem. From there, you can immediately fix and resubmit. Plus, you can instantly check the status of your insurance claims for multiple patients. No more waiting on hold! Why settle for your current practice management system when you could benefit from faster claims processing, turnaround time and payment of claims?

These standout features include a dynamic workflow list, a patient reminder system, an automated patient statement generator, flash reports, and more. We’ll go through each of these features to help you better understand the full capabilities of our practice management system.

Why Choose Practice Management Software from Pulse?

For cloud-based practice management software that anticipates your problems and provides a solution, choose PulseCloud.

We’re able to transmit electronic workerman’s comp forms and claims
You’ll have electronic payment capabilities
You can interface with any system utilizing HL7 interface
PulseCloud easily integrates with our EHR system

Save cost and time with a cloud-based system.


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Pulse’s cloud-based solution offers a modern platform that is fully capable of handling the ever-changing demands of private practice administration and the healthcare landscape.

With features like the Unfinished Items list and Needs Action menu, you’ll save valuable time to focus back on your patients.

We invested three years in workflow research, enabling users to perform day-to-day tasks in the most intuitive framework possible.